Press Release
[G-STAR 2018] G-STAR Conference ‘G-CON 2018’ Shares the World’s Leading Game Know-How

RegDate : 2019-05-22

-Attended by keynote speakers from global companies like EA/Naughty dog

-Offer free special session to the audience by CDPR 

-Introduce Microsoft’s game-related services including Xbox, etc.  

-Provide a session on E-sports held by Riot Games/Blizzard  


The opening of the international game exhibition, G-STAR 2018, is only a month away. This year is significant because it will be a venue for sharing knowledge, with leading companies and experts in the international game industry attending the ‘G-CON 2018’, known as G-STAR conference.


As one of the official side events of G-STAR, the ‘G-CON 2018’ will be held for two days on November 15 (Thursday) and 16 (Friday) at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO) where a total of 19 sessions will be held.


At the conference, it has been announced key speakers and global companies that are difficult to meet at domestic events will also attend. For each session, the audience can hear about professional knowledge and know-how from people leading the industry in different area. The main sessions of the conference are as shown below.  


EA / Greg Black  

As the keynote speaker on Day 1, Greg Black from EA will talk about how you can efficiently develop the real-time strategic game (RTS) genres through mobile phones, which used to be only possible by using PC.


Greg Black was one of the most important developers of ‘Command & Conquer’. He also joined in the development of ‘StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm’ and ‘StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void’ as a member from Blizzard.  


Naughty dog / Soa Lee  

As the keynote speaker on Day 2, Soa Lee from Naughty dog, which is currently considered as the world’s best game developer, will give her presentation.


She participated in a wide range of projects, including ‘The Last of Earth’, which won the biggest number of awards at the ‘Game of the Year’ in 2013, and ‘Unchartered 4’, which was the big winner at the ‘Game of the Year’ in 2016. Soa Lee is currently working on the production of the most anticipated game ‘The Last of Earth 2’.


At this session, she will offer stories about the development of Naughty dog’s character designs, showing world-class graphics with great details.



CD PROJEKT RED/ Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz  

The special session of the ‘G-CON 2018’ will be provided by the Polish CD PROJEKT RED, known for its world-class games. CD PROJEKT RED is famous because of the story where the Polish prime minister gave ‘Witcher’ to the U.S president when he visited, a popular game at the time.


At the conference, Mateusz Tomaszkiew icz (Game Director), who led the development of Witcher’s quest design and ‘Thrown Breaker’, will attend with CD PROJEKT RED’s key developers.


This session will be the final part of the whole conference. In particular, it is expected that lots of the audience will attend it because of being held after the BTC hall closes and for free of charge. After the special session ends, there will various events held so that the audience can communicate with CD PROJEKT’s key speakers.  



Microsoft will be in charge of three sessions for this conference, where they will offer services related to game business and game.


In particular, there will be lectures on Xbox, which was highly acclaimed at the ‘E3’ press conference, as well as the utilization of Live ops platform ‘PlayFab’, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, and Visual Studio App Center to ensure efficient app management.


At the ‘G-CON 2018’, the audience can enjoy sessions of different themes, including online, console, mobile, E-sports, character, engine/platform, block chain, and indie. In the case of E-sports, it attracted lots of attention at the Jakarta Asian Games as a demonstration sport. Two leading companies including Riot Games and Blizzard, will be responsible for the session to hold interesting discussions.


Information regarding the speakers attending the ‘G-CON 2018’ and related events held can be found on its official website ( The tickets for the conference can be purchased through the official website and Auction ticket sites (



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