Press Release
[2018] Global game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2018’, a comprehensive game culture festival

RegDate : 2019-05-22

- As of September, the record of last year is exceeded with 2,874 booths

- 'Let Games be Stars' was confirmed as an official slogan

- Participation of Epic Games as a main sponsor for the first time among overseas company

- Various cultural events such as the 'Cosplay Awards'

- Expansion of various win-win support systems for SMEs

- Participation of global companies and delegations from many countries↑


The global game exhibition 'G-STAR 2018' was aimed to be a comprehensive game culture event that was advanced one step further than last year. Many overseas companies and nations that have not seen in the past are expected to participate in this time. It is expected to be a more interesting event.


The organizing committee of G-STAR (chairperson Gang Shin Cheol, hereinafter referred to as the organizing committee) held a press conference on 'G-STAR 2018' at the K Hotel& Resort in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 18th.


This press conference is designed to provide guidance on the promotion plan and the status of participating companies of G-STAR 2018, which is about two months ahead, and to share the vision of this year's event. Gang Sin Cheol, the chairperson of the G-STAR Organizing Committee, and other persons concerned attended the meeting.


According to the application status of G-STAR 2018', a total of 2,874 booths(1,773 booths for the BTC Exhibition, 1,101 booths for the BTB Exhibition) were reserved already as of 17th(by18:00), exceeding 2,857 booths of last year.


In the case of the BTC Exhibition, the application for participation was completed fastest ever and adjustments on details regarding small and medium-sized booths and moving lines are in progress except for large-sized exhibitors of which location was confirmed already. The BTB Exhibition where discussion on the game business takes place is expected to attain similar or better results than last year since overseas associations, which have already announced their intention of joint participation, are just ahead of making their decision.


Gang Shin Cheol, the chairperson of the G-STAR Organizing Committee said, The registration for the BTC Exhibition was completed 80% within 5 days from the start of the early application, and it was fully completed within 10 days with raising the expectation. BTB Exhibition has also been attracting domestic and overseas industry attention, including the joint participation of overseas countries. I am grateful for the enthusiastic response of companies this year again and I will continue to make effort so that G-STAR can become a comprehensive game culture festival through various events and contents related to games."


'Let Games be Stars' was confirmed as the official slogan of the G-STAR 2018


The official slogan of G-STAR 2018' was confirmed as 'Let Games be Stars' which means 'game, becomes our star'.


This slogan expresses the will to maximize the positive image of the game with the stars that symbolize 'hope' and 'light'. In addition, this refers to G-STAR' which is united with the game through the word 'us'.


In this regard, the organizing committee is hoping that this year, G-Star, will be a brilliant gaming experience to the audience who visited the site.


Epic Games, a global game company, is selected as a main sponsor


Epic Games was selected as the main sponsor of G-STAR 2018', for the first time among overseas companies. With the strong supports from Epic Games which is leading global gaming market, G-STAR is expected to take a step forward in the global market this year.


Epic Games, which installs a booth in BTC Exhibition for the first time through G-STAR 2018', will participate into the event as a main sponsor and actively promote G-STARn BEXCO exhibition hall and various locations near Busan city, etc. with the organizing committee.


Gang Shin Cheol, the chairperson of the organizing committee of G-STAR said, Given that it is the first time that an overseas company boasting global recognition is participating as a main sponsor, this participation will be a special occasion for G-STAR' in the future. And, I hope that both sides will be able to promote significant cooperation for the development of domestic game industry in days to come.


Twitch, maximize impact with partner expansion


Taking part in the event as a global media partner for four consecutive years, Twitch plays a variety of roles to make G-STAR 2018' stand out as a veritable global game show.


Game users all around the world can watch the scene of G-STAR' through diverse contents of the Twitch, and partner game companies can introduce their new games more effectively.


Particularly, Twitch's partner streamers who cast a long shadow in G-STAR 2017' last year will visit G-STAR 2018' and participate in 'Partner Lounge', 'Main Stage Content', and 'Streaming Zone', etc. to communicate with many game fans. Additional details are available via the Twitch.


One-step advanced cultural events and business support system


In this 'G-STAR 2018', it is possible to enjoy the upgraded cultural events compared with the previous year.


The organizing committee will expand the official cosplay event, which was promoted as a pilot project last year, to 'Cosplay Awards' this year. It is expected that the visitors of G-STAR' will actively enjoy this event beyond just watching like last year.


At the Auditorium, official e-sports event EA's will be held as part of G-STAR festival. The participating companies are planning various e-sports contents in the exhibition hall.



In addition, the organizing committee is planning to promote special events using Haeundae and other regions through close cooperation with participating companies. Details will be made public through the homepage and official materials.


It is also noteworthy that various support systems aimed at deriving business results are also available. First of all, the business matching system that supports business communication between participating companies and buyers participating into G-Star' has been reorganized so that it can be utilized in the field from this year (in the past, only pre-registration is supported).


This is an integrated platform for game content export and overseas marketing support of domestic and foreign companies participating in the BTB Exhibition, it is expected that more flexible business consultation will be available by combining advanced-on-site registration.


There is also a win-win program for SMEs. The organizing committee will promote the Big Indie Pitch& Awards and encourage the participation of domestic and overseas indie games. In addition, the VIP rooms in BEXCO will be supported for SMEs participating in the BTC Exhibition.


Participation of foreign IT companies in the national joint exhibition, Garner Attention


In G-STAR 2018', it is expected that many overseas companies such as Google Korea, X.D Global and Facebook, etc. including main sponsor Epic Games, attract visitors.


In addition, countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Poland, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and so on are expected to visit G-STAR in the form of a national joint exhibition and a delegation.


Gang Shin Cheol, the chairperson of the G-STAR Organizing Committee emphasized, It seems encouraging that efforts to attract foreign companies and countries that we have focused on since last year seem to be beginning to show progress little by little from this year. We will continue to focus on making G-STAR known around the world so that visitors and exhibitors will enjoy more diverse enjoyment and practical business results in the future.


Holding a briefing session for companies participating in G-STAR 2018'


The G-STAR Organizing Committee will hold a briefing session with more than 200 participants including the persons concerned of each company at the K Hotel & Resort in the afternoon of the same day.


Meanwhile, G-STAR 2018', organized by K-GAMES and jointly managed by the G-STAR Organizing Committee and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, will be held at the Busan BEXCO from November 15 to 18.