[NEWS] [2019] [G-Star 2019] Meet Call of Duty: Mobile at Inven's G-Star Booth!

RegDate : 2019-11-17



You can meet Call of Duty: Mobile at G-Star 2019. In the Inven Booth at G-Star, there's a Call of Duty: Mobile demonstration zone. Many FPS lovers queued in this area to try out the beloved game title.


One of the student participants who mentioned that he's an FPS mania praised Call of Duty: Mobile in many aspects. He was very professional with his evaluations. "There still are areas to improve in recoil or matchmaking balance, but it seems that they're currently balancing the weapons well. It was extremely fun."


"I've been an FPS mania for long, and I've played this game since the alpha test. Compared to its competing games, the graphics or controls are at a very high level. There weren't many games to play recently and this brings excitement to me. As a player that has enjoyed Call of Duty from long ago, it's also very positive that some of the maps from the older versions are here."


According to this user, it seems that the game is very well-made. How about visiting Inven's Call of Duty: Mobile booth at G-Star 2019?



▲ Get ready to put your finger on the trigger!








▲ Very nicely organized demonstration zone.




▲ Fans start to gather...




▲ ... Playing in a very serious manner.




▲ The student that claimed to be an FPS mania.








▲ There are CoD cosplayers as well!










▲ If you have any questions, just ask!