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[2018] ‘Global game industry trend at a glance’ G-STAR Conference Holding the ‘G-CON 2018’

RegDate : 2019-05-22

- Holding at Busan BEXCO Convention Hall for two days from November 15 - 16

- 20 sessions including online, console, mobile, e-sports, character, engine / platform, and block chain, etc.

- EA, Naughty Dog, Blizzard, Riotgames, CD PROJEKT RED, PUBG, Ubisoft, Google, Microsoft, etc. will participate 

The G-CON 2018, a G-STAR conference that allows the global game industry trends to be seen at a glance, is being upgraded this year to meet gamers. 

The organizing committee of G-STAR(chairperson Gang Shin Cheol)said on November 11 that the 'G-CON 2018' will be held at Busan BEXCO Convention Hall from November 15(Thur.) to 16 (Fri.) for 2 days.


Domestic and foreign companies and experts leading the global game industry will participate in the ‘G-CON 2018’ as presenters and the event is composed of 20 sessions such as online, console, mobile, e-sports, character, engine / platform, and block chain, indie, etc.


The first day of the conference will consist of keynote lecture by EA's Greg Black, and lectures by deputy department head of Epic Games Shin Kwang-Sub, head of the E-sports team of Blizzard Lee Seung-yong, and Saber Interactive, developer of the 'World War Z', which received favorable reviews from last E3.


In addition to the best game companies, a variety of sessions will be offered including the Tencent Cloud. The chief executive officer of NHN Global Jang Won-bae will handle the block chaining issue, which was one of the biggest issues this year.


On the second day there will be a keynote lecture by Lee So-a of Naughty Dog which won the Game of the Year in 2013 and 2016. In addition, the session of CD PROJEKT RED, which won 'Game of the Year' with the Witcher 3 in 2015 will also be included.


The other sessions will be provided by PUBG which won the Korea Game Awards in 2017 and BEXTER of Neowiz DJ Max, e-Sports team lead of Riot Games O Sang-heon, and Unisoft which is the company developing the Assassin's Creed, etc.


In addition, managing director of Google Min Kyueng-Whan and manager of Amazon Kim Il-ho will cover various topics excluding the game.


It is also possible to hear various stories of Microsoft, who made the hottest issue at the E3 press conference this year through the session of Chris Charla of Xbox and two additional sessions.


The organizing committee of G-STAR said, "Since the G-CON 2018 is based on the survey of actual conference attendees rather than a simple open track(a method to classify tracks based on the characteristics of the speakers and subjects with the session open), it is possible to see the most vibrant sessions."


Detailed information such as the presenter and registration of the G-CON 2018 can be found on the official website. Event tickets can be purchased through the Auction Ticket.


Meanwhile, a total of 1,909 visitors attended the "G-CON 2017" held last year for two days.



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