Press Release
[2018] Epic Games joins the main sponsor of G-STAR 2018

RegDate : 2019-05-22

- The G-STAR organizing committee - Epic Games Korea, Concluded the main sponsor agreement for the ‘G-STAR 2018’

- First case among overseas companies … Cooperation to promote ‘G-Star' such as the special program


Epic Games was confirmed as the main sponsor for the ‘G-STAR 2018’, the global game exhibition. This is the first time for an overseas company to participate in ‘G-STAR' as a main sponsor.


The G-STAR Organizing Committee(chairperson Gang Shin Cheol, hereinafter referred to as the organizing committee) announced on the 12th that it signed the main sponsorship agreement of ‘G-Star 2018' with Epic Games Korea in the 5th floor meeting room of the Korea Association of Game Industry (hereinafter referred to as K-GAMES) on the 11th.


The chairperson of the G-STAR Organizing Committee Gang Sin-Cheol and the CEO of Epic Games Korea Park Seong-cheol attended the event.


The organizing committee and Epic Games Korea have established cooperative relationships for the successful hosting of ‘G-STAR 2018'. Especially, it is expected that the synergy effect will be maximized because it is the very first time for an overseas company to participate into the "G-STAR" as a main sponsor.


They will actively promote ‘G-STAR' based on the main sponsorship program both inside and outside the BEXCO exhibition hall, near the event hall, and various places in Busan.


The chairperson of the G-STAR Organizing Committee Gang Shin Cheol said, "We have strengthened our status as an international game event by the participation of a global game company as a main sponsor." He went on to say, "The conclusion of an agreement with Epic Games is expected to greatly contribute to the expansion of global leverage and awareness of G-STAR."


Park Seong-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea said, “We are very exciting that we can participate into the G-STAR as a main sponsor since it is the best opportunity to promote the entertaining features of the ‘Fortnite’ to more domestic fans as the ‘Fortnite’, which causes global syndrome, began to be loved by domestic fans through word of mouth. He also emphasized, “We've been participating into G-Star for many years, but it's the first time we have so many visitors at the BTC, so we will do our best to give exclusive amusement of Epic Games to them.”


G-STAR 2018' which is organized by K-GAMES and co-managed by the G-STAR Organizing Committee and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA) (President Seo Tae-geon) will be held at the Busan BEXCO from November 15th to 18th.