Press Release
[2018] Global game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2018’, let’s see in Europe

RegDate : 2019-05-22

- Participate in the overseas promotion pavilion of 'Gamescom' to be held in Germany from August 21 to 23

- Hold large-scale network event for domestic and overseas game industry

- "We will make efforts to become a representative game show in Asia"


Global game exhibition 'G-STAR 2018' meets gamers from all over the world in the largest game city of Europe.


The G-STAR Organizing Committee(chairperson Gang Shin Cheol) announced last 17th that it would run the 'G-STAR' overseas promotion pavilion in 'Gamescom 2018' held in Cologne, Germany from 21 to 25 (local time) and hold a large-scale network event involving game industry officials from each country.


Participation in the overseas promotion pavilion was intended to raise awareness of 'G-STAR' brand in global game industry. The G-STAR Organizing Committee will operate an independent booth in size of 5.5 at the BTB exhibition hall of 'Gamescom' and conduct activities such as 'G-STAR' related research for major exhibitors and buyers.


There will also be a large network event in addition to operating the overseas promotion pavilion. The G-STAR Organizing Committee will host the '2018 G-STAR Mobile Mixer @ Gamescom' event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Cologne on the 22nd by inviting employees and executives of domestic and overseas game & IT companies and related organizations & institutions.


At the event, you can enjoy business networking events holding in the form of a standing party along with related programs (brochures, leaflets, videos, etc.) that outline and achievements of 'G-STAR', which celebrated its 14th anniversary this year. A round table talk regarding case studies on ‘G-STAR’ and Asian game trends, etc. will also be held.


The G-STAR Organizing Committee will continue to make efforts for the global publicity activities in order to expand the leverage of the global game exhibition 'G-STAR'.


Gang Shin Cheol, the chairperson of the G-STAR Organizing Committee said, "Our efforts to expand the global awareness of 'G-STAR' have been making progress such as the inquiries from foreign countries and companies have increased in recent days.” And he went on to say, "We will continue to knock on the door of the global market and so that 'G-STAR' will become the Asia's leading game show and develop programs that we can share."​