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문의 목록
*Content of Collection And Usage of Personal Information

G-STAR Conference would like to receive your consent in accordance with Article 22 of 『Information Communications Network Act』, and Article 15 of 『Privacy Protection Act』in order to collect personal information to provide Q&A service.

Agreement to Personal Information Collection and Usage
1. Purpose of collecting personal information and usage: Utilizing and providing received responses of Q&A to provide amicable communication, etc.
2. Items of personal information that we collect
- Essential Information: E-mail
3. Retention and duration of use of personal information: **it will be deleted when it meets purpose of utilization or after the time has elapsed under law
4. You can choose not to agree on collection and usage of personal information, however you do not have the access to the service inquiries received by the Q&A.

※ Do you agree to collect and use personal information, such as the above?